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About Us

LearnHub is an executive education enterprise that curates performance improvement solutions targeted at managers and business executives within the African Business Community. We identify skill, knowledge and other human capital gaps and provide tailored open enrollment based courses in collaboration with our best-in-class faculty and knowledge partners.

Featured Programmes

Through our intensive, tailored cohort-based learning pathways, we enable our learners navigate the ever-evolving business environment whilst positioning them for resilience, innovation and problem solving.


LearnHub Institute offers tailored knowledge management solutions for forward thinking organizations and their employees

We offer immersive programmes focused on upskilling or reskilling your team through our various learning pathways which assures your team of contemporary knowledge share from a first-rate international faculty and talent upskill tailored to delivering your organization’s immediate and longer term goals.

We help organizations foster team cohesion through
collective learning.

Why Choose Us

Our Academic Board is a pot-pourri or global thought shapers drawn from the private sector and the academia.
The Board is responsible for the overall learning strategy at the Institute.

Immersive Learning Experience

Using the best of technology, we adopt a case based learning methodology that samples best practices in multiple jurisdictions whilst delivering a immersive learning experience through focused class discussions and group simulations to assure active and effective participation.


Our Faculty is constituted with world class thought leaders drawn from the academia and private sector with expertise tailored to the Student’s needs and allowing for balanced and well-rounded experience.

Relevant and Relatable Modules

Our Course Modules are practical, relatable and focused on current trends and data driven learning structures that are focused on broadening world views and enhancing decision making capacity of our Students.

Top of Range Research Insights

Each Module is developed using effective data driven learning and instruction strategies utilizing our proprietary analytics tools to drive engagement, relevance and relatability.

Networking with Enterprise Leaders

Courses are targeted at mid to C-level enterprise leaders. Students will benefit from learning alongside like minds; sharing diverse insight and experiences whilst building lifelong professional relationships.

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