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About Us

LearnHub is an executive education enterprise that curates performance improvement solutions targeted at managers and business executives within the African Business Community. We identify skill, knowledge and other human capital gaps and provide tailored open enrollment based courses in collaboration with our best-in-class faculty and knowledge partners.

Develop Future-Ready Skills

We design courses to help learners build skills that they can apply immediately to their jobs. You will derive insights from your program to prepare for the future of work and advance your career.

Learn from the Best

We work with top universities worldwide to develop programs across industries. Leveraging insights from faculty who are world-leading practitioners in their fields, we develop courses from the ground up to craft high-quality learning experiences.

Gain a Global Perspective

With our global university partnerships, you will learn alongside others from around the world who work in diverse industries, allowing for a cross-cultural exchange of ideas.

Be Part of a Learning Community

Learn alongside others in cohorts — groups that start and progress through the coursework at the same pace. You will support and motivate each other throughout your learning journey and build strong relationships, with regular access to additional support resources.

We Provide Skill-Building Solutions for Results-Driven Businesses 


LearnHub Institute offers tailored knowledge management solutions for forward
thinking organizations and their employees

Dedicated, co-created programmes for corporate teams

Dedicated, co-created programmes for corporate teams

Governance and Corporate Strategy Sessions for Board and Management

We help organizations foster team cohesion through collective learning. We offer immersive programmes focused on upskilling or reskilling your team through our various learning pathways which assures your team of contemporary knowledge share from a first-rate international faculty and talent upskill tailored to delivering your organization’s immediate and longer term goals,

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